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Michelangelo & Sebastiano – National Gallery to 25th June 2017

Sebastiano del Piombi, The Raising of Lazarus, 1519 (detail) The exhibition explores the 25-year friendship and partnership between Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (1475 – 1564) and Sebastiano del Piombi (1485 – 1547) which began in 1511 as Michelangelo was finishing his decoration of the Sistine Chapel.  (Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael are considered the […]

The Wind in the Willows, Kenneth Grahame, 1908 – first illustrated edition, 1931

Kenneth Grahame’s The Wind in the Willows, 1908 later illustrated by Ernest Shepard The first edition of Wind in the Willows was published with a frontispiece illustration only.  Later editions, illustrated by Ernest Shepard who had famously illustrated the Winnie the Pooh  series, quickly became more popular.  200 of the first illustrated editions were produced and no. […]

Easter 2017 Half Term Art Camp – Highlights!

View highlights of our Easter 2017 Art Camp ranging from pop art (with a look at the art of illusion) to Hockney, back to Monet and the grace and beauty of 19th century French Impressionism and then to the heart of the dark ages: early Celtic and medieval art featuring geometric bronze-work and stone carvings, dragons, griffins and […]

What is “Cubism”?

Cubism is an art movement which began in Paris around 1907 and became hugely influential in the period to the start of the first world war (1914) and thereafter. It broke away from centuries of traditional painting by rejecting a single viewpoint and showing people and objects in multi-dimensions.  Cubist artists fractured their subjects into geometric forms […]

The American Dream: pop to the present – British Museum from 9 March to 18 June

Ed Ruscha, Standard Station, 1966, Colour screenprint.  Museum of Modern Art, New York © Ed Ruscha From the explosive pop art in the 1960s through to contemporary works, the Exhibition covers one of the most dynamic and turbulent periods in US history: from JFK’s assassination, Apollo 11 and Vietnam to the AIDS crisis, racism and gender politics.  Featuring […]

Royal Academy – “America after the Fall: Painting in the 1930s” opens 25 February 2017

Grant Wood – American Gothic, 1930 (detail). Oil on beaver board. 78 x 65.3 cm. Friends of American Art Collection 1930.934, The Art Institute of Chicago The 1930s was a period of intense social and economic deprivation in America, starting with the Wall Street Crash (1929) which led to over a decade – the Great Depression – of high unemployment and poverty, with […]

Easter 2017 Art Camp

Monday 3rd April: – Landscape Art – Learn about foreground, midground and background, create a realistic landscape using charcoal and then a vibrantly coloured whimsical landscape.  There is currently a major exhibition at the Royal Academy “America After the Fall : Painting in the 1930s” which includes wonderful American landscape paintings – click here Tuesday […]

February 2017 Half Term Art Camp – Highlights!

View highlights of our 2017 February Half-Term Art Camp from Harry Potter to Pop Art, van Gogh to Banksy, showcasing the work of kids from 5 to 13 in paint, oil pastel, watercolour, stencil print and clay.    “Hi Barbara. Thanks for this morning. L and S really enjoyed themselves” “Thanks so much. The girls loved every second!!” […]

The Rise of Modernism in France from Degas to Picasso – at the Ashmolean, Oxford: 10 February to 7 May 2017

Roger de La Fresnaye (1885 -1925), Composition with Drum and Trumpet  c. 1918 From the romantics of the late 18th century/early 1800’s through to the great French Impressionists and then on to the early experiments in Cubism, most famously, by Picasso and Braque, the exhibition charts the rise of Modernism in France over the 19th century.  The exhibition […]