Wow!!! What a difference 3 hours can make! I felt I must email you to thank you so much for what was by all accounts a fun, interesting, educational and inspirational 3 hours! My son who hated, feared and loathed art has come away from your session saying he now loves it! I cannot thank you enough! I am seriously overwhelmed!

We spent a long time this afternoon discussing Mondrian and Delauney and filling in the colour wheel sheet!

F is so inspired by art at the moment – Thank you for all you do for her, I really do appreciate it.

Barbara’s classes have given me a great understanding and appreciation of different artists and types of art. I have built up a huge portfolio of pictures from the weekly lessons using a variety of materials including watercolours, pastels and clay. The classes and trips have been great fun as well as educational.

All four of my children, who range in age from 8 to 16 years, have attended KidsArt! art classes over the years. Each one has got something meaningful out of the experience. They have learnt about a range of artists and art movements and applied the different styles to beautiful pieces of work that they’ve brought home with pride.

Thank you for all your wonderful classes – H has built up a lovely portfolio of his artwork, of which he is rightly extremely proud.

Your holiday classes are so well run with a lovely cozy settings. There’s always a variety of styles and artists to choose from and the kids come home with gorgeous pieces of art. These classes are a highlight and treat for A – he even loves the lunch!

My daughters had a fantastic day out with KidsArt! visiting the National Gallery. They came home armed with sketches of paintings by the Old Masters, and were full of tales about the artists and the myths behind the paintings they’d seen. Barbara is such a brilliant guide – she really inspired them with her enthusiasm and knowledge – and they can’t wait to do another trip with her soon.

Barbara is a calm and sensitive teacher. She is extremely knowledgeable, is well prepared for classes and presents age-appropriate information that is interesting and creative and stretches the imagination. Attending her classes is a treat!

Thank you so much for today – M loved it! The fact that you obviously put so much time and thought and effort into preparing the class really made her day. And mine!!!

E absolutely loves your classes – they have made such a difference to her artwork and her confidence – thank you!

Thank you for a fantastic session this morning – my boys loved it and were so inspired by all you taught – they have been drawing Picasso-style Cubist faces all afternoon.

My reluctant son had the most enjoyable morning – he now loves art!

We have had a wonderful afternoon sketching at The National Gallery thank you to you – the children are so inspired by your classes.

We have T’s beautiful pictures in frames on our wall – he loved the class and learnt so much.

N has been attending Barbara’s KidsArt! classes since she was five years old. Now nearly 10 years old, she still loves the class every Tuesday. N gets to explore various artists, and materials every week, and these change often. N has built up a fabulous portfolio of work; we can really see an improvement in her art techniques. N is creative and Barbara guides her in a wonderful way, to achieve her full artistic potential. Most of all N has fun and enjoys the classes on a weekly basis. Thank you Barbara!