2016 Christmas Art Camp

Pieter Bruegel, the Elder – Winter Landscape with Skaters and Bird Trap, 1565 Oil on panel, 37 x 55,5 cm. Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts, Brussels.

The painting is thought to show the Brabant village of Fed Saint Anne near Diben, with skaters in the foreground and a town in the mist.  Can you see the bird trap?

Extremely popular in its day, more than a dozen known reproductions of it were made in the 16th century and later including one by his eldest son Pieter Bruegel, the Younger in the 1620’s, “who had neither the strong talent of his father, nor the poetic gift of his younger brother Jan.”

Session 1

Monday 19th December: Native American Art! Native Americans lived in America long before it was ‘discovered’ by Christopher Columbus in 1492. They lived in ‘tribes’ such as The Sioux, and the Apache and each tribe had their own culture, traditions and artwork.

Session 2

Tuesday 20th December: Pop Art – Andy Warhol’s Endangered Animals. Warhol created a series showing endangered animals in his zany pop art style.

Session 3A

Wednesday 21st December: Paul Cezanne meets Henri Matisse! Both 19th century French Post-Impressionist artists, Matisse had a life-long passion for pattern and Cezanne was revered as the ‘father’ of Modern Art.

Session 3B

Wednesday 21st December: Ceramics (Clay) Session – for unaccompanied children, or parents/carers and children together as you wish – bring yourselves and your ideas! Parents and children work together to create a piece of your choice – in past sessions participants have created: individual sushi platter with soy sauce dish, spoon rest, trinket box cupcake with lid, olive dish, ornaments, apple and honey dish, candlestick, plate, dish – all work will be glazed, fired and food-safe.

Session 4

Thursday 22nd December: Impressionism! The Impressionists were a radical art movement which emerged in France towards the end of the 1800s – The Impressionists shook the art world with their unconventional subjects and brushwork. With time the paintings have lost their radicalism and power to shock, but retained their timeless beauty.

Session 5

Friday 23rd December: Expressionism – ‘lino’ printing – Expressionism was an important art movement from the early 1900s. The Expressionists believed that art should convey feeling as well as showing an image – a radical idea at the time!

Session 5B

Friday 23rd December:  Victorian Christmas! We will learn about the history of Christmas in Queen Victoria’s Britain – she and her husband Albert modeled Christmas as we know it –  We will create a traditional Christmas picture and have “mulled wine”, crackers and other Christmas treats.

Session 6A

Wednesday 28th December: Fantastic Gaudi Buildings – Antoni Gaudi was a famous and influential Spanish Modernist architect whose influence is still felt today, and whose wonderful buildings can be seen across Spain.

Session 6B

Wednesday 28th December: Ceramics (Clay) – bring your ideas or share ours! Work will be glazed, fired and food-safe.

Session 7

Thursday 29th December: Salvador Dali’s Surrealism – making time melt.

Session 8

Friday 30th December: Henri Matisse – painted paper cut outs and printing – peacocks. Matisse turned to making painted paper, and to cut outs towards the end of his life when he was too unwell to paint at an easel, and produced some of the finest work of his career.


Age: Suitable for children aged 5-13.

Place: Finchley London N12.

Time: All sessions 10am-1pm except sessions 3B 5B and 6B which are 2-5pm.

What’s included: Art tuition, materials, snacks and for all except sessions 3B 5B and 6B a vegetarian lunch.

Cost: £35 per session per child save for Session 3B which is £40 per child for unaccompanied children and for accompanied children £40 if parent and child make an item together or £60 if you make an item each and session 6B which is £40 per child.

Consent: Booking implies consent to use of your child’s photo and art work on the KidsArt! website and facebook page unless (in the case of your child’s photo) you stipulate otherwise at time of booking.

Cancellation policy: We are unable to refund but you may send another child not already booked in your child’s place.

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