BBC Live Lessons … submissions deadline 22 October 2021!

 …a collaboration between BBC Children’s and BBC Teach – published on the BBC Teach website and broadcast on CBBC


Make anti-bullying posters and then take pictures with them or explain them via a video


Make Christmas Cards and then again take pictures with them or explain them via a video
Videos of children telling Christmas jokes

Winter: (5-7 year olds)

Pictures of the children from last Winter (in winter/ reflective clothes, with hedgehogs, hibernating animals, winter weather pictures in general etc )
Please attach names to the pictures.

Climate Change ep

Videos of children pledging what they are going to try and do to help stop climate change
Create Leaves for our ‘leaf pledge tree’ in studio with children’s own climate change pledges on them
Questions for a passionate climate change celebrity

Green Planet

Questions for a guest from BBC Green Planet
Design any plant or animal that would survive in the rainforest. Give it a name and tell us why it would survive there.  For example if it was plant that lives on the rainforest floor it would have massive leaves to get the most sunlight in a dark environment – or if it was an animal it could be camouflaged to look like a leaf or have a leaf for a tail to fan itself with in the heat


Kids should start any videos with ‘Hi my name is xxx (First names only please too ) and then go on to explain their artwork etc.
Keep answers nice and concise
Don’t show any school emblems on clothing or school identifiable things in the background


Parents must complete (1) child consent form and  (2) Media consent before any footage can be used.

Please email us for the Forms:

For all other enquiries call/text 07827 275821 / contact us


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