CBBC Live Lessons … submissions deadline 25 February 2022!

 CBBCs Live Lessons – broadcast on CBBC

World Book Day

Video questions for CBBCs guest author, Frank Cotterell Boyce What would a story book based on your life be called? Send in videos or pictures of your book design cover and tell us why you have called it that.


Tell us what headline for Newsround you would like to make one day. For example it could be for scoring the most goals in an England game, or for winning an Oscar for the best performance in a movie or for helping your local community keep their fire station – The bigger the dream the better!

How to Participate

You may send a mixture of photos or videos. For videos, your child must start any video with ‘Hi my name is xxx” (First names only please) and then go on to explain what they’re doing/ talking about. Remind them to keep answers concise and not to have any school emblems on their clothing or school identifiable things in the background. To participate please complete child consent and Media consent forms (request using contact button below). All videos must be LANDSCAPE .
All submissions should be emailed to Maisy Hepburn and copied to KidsArt (emails below)  with ‘KidsArt! Submission’ as the subject line. THE DEADLINE IS 25th FEB!
We look forward to seeing your submissions , and hope to see your child’s work on TV!

Parents must complete (1) child consent form and  (2) Media consent (please request) before any footage can be used.

Please email us for the Forms: Maisy Hepburn at: maisy.hepburn@bbc.co.uk  and copy to us at info@kidsartuk.com

For all other enquiries call/text 07827 275821 / contact us


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