Christmas Art Camps 2017 – Highlights!

Tudor Kings and Queens!

We created Tudor style portraits of Henry VIII and his daughter Elizabeth I, taking ideas from Court painter, Hans Holbein der Jüngere (1497 – 1543)

Their portraits are in the National Portrait Gallery link here!


Pop Art Perspective Landscapes!

Pop Art landscapes with perspective and neon, inspired by American artist and graphic designer, Peter Max.  Pictured his poster“Outside Lands”,  2013


There are over 400 species of shark but only 3% of species are dangerous to us – you are more likely to die in a lightening strike or a bee attack; sharks are as old as dinosaurs!  Sharks can have up to 3000 teeth!  Whale sharks live to be over 150 years old – possibly the longest living animals in the world!

Mixed Media Pop Art Snowmen!

Using gouache paint, soft pastel and charcoal we created a snowman and shadow on a winter landscape

Monet-inspired Winter landscapes!

We learnt about  Monet’s life and art, the exceptionally cold winter in France of 1868-1869 and created a wonderful snowscape in his style


Firefly Art!

We painted and learnt about fireflies, which are actually beetles not flies. 

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