Easter 2017 Half Term Art Camp – Highlights!

View highlights of our Easter 2017 Art Camp ranging from pop art (with a look at the art of illusion) to Hockney, back to Monet and the grace and beauty of 19th century French Impressionism and then to the heart of the dark ages: early Celtic and medieval art featuring geometric bronze-work and stone carvings, dragons, griffins and manuscripts illuminations.

Below we showcase some of the works created by children from age 5 upwards in paint, oil pastel, watercolour and charcoal.

Landscape Art

Landscape Art – we learned about foreground, mid-ground and background, how to create a realistic landscape using charcoal and then a vibrantly coloured whimsical landscape

French Impressionism

Impressionism in the sunny South of France – Claude Monet was so inspired by the coastal landscape of Antibes that he produced 40 paintings of it in 4 months – we learned about Monet’s life and Impressionism, and painted our own version of Antibes in Impressionist style


Celtic Art of the Iron Age

Celtic Art – the Celts lived in Britain during the Iron Age, before the Roman conquest and made beautiful geometric bronze-work and stone carvings, as well as wonderfully patterned manuscripts.  Here is a class study:

Pop Art!

Pop Art!

We learned about the Pop Art Movement which began in Britain in the 1950s and quickly spread to America where it reached its maturity.

We looked at Pop Art pictures of Coca Cola bottles by Burton Morris, and created our own. 

David Hockney

David Hockney inspired art – Hockney is the foremost British painter today, and one of the greatest living painters in the world. He currently has a major exhibition at Tate Britain, which includes his famous LA swimming pool paintings – the exhibition has broken box office records and is Tate Britain’s most popular exhibition ever! (For exhibition details click here)


Pop Art cupcakes in clay!

Pop Art cupcakes in clay!  Using coiling, slabbing and pinching techniques, we produced a cup cake shaped box, painted and varnished

Medieval Dragons and Griffins – Harry Potter style!

Medieval dragons, griffins and manuscripts Harry Potter style!

2017 is the 20th anniversary of the publication of The Philosopher’s Stone and the British Library is marking the occasion with an autumn exhibition, opening October 2017  – British Library exhibition details can be found here

Session 5B: Optical Illusion Art!

Optical Illusion Art!

“… an optical illusion is something that looks different from what it issomething that you seem to see but that is not really there”

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