Grayson Perry at the Serpentine until 10 September 2017 – ‘The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever!’

Perry’s pots – Brexiteers and Remainers

Grayson Perry’s new exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery provocatively – as ever the master of iconoclasm – titled The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever! centres round 2 large pots which record the Nation’s feelings about Brexit: one pot representing the Brexiteers and the other the Remainers. The pots are sized according to the vote but as it was so close this detail is barely noticeable.

What is noticeable and should perhaps give us reason for optimism is that as a Nation we are united by far more than we are divided – participants were asked to tell Perry what they most liked about Britain, and both sides chose marmite, teapots and the NHS, and when asked chose blue for each pot’s background colour. Confusingly this has produced pots which, while representing diametrically opposed views, are remarkable similar.

Loud, brash and fascinating, if you like Perry you will love this exhibition.  Free of charge for adults and children!

Exhibition details here


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