Summer 2017 Art Camp – Highlights!

View highlights of our July/August 2017 Art Camp, showcasing the work of kids from 5 to 13 in paint, water colour and soft pastel.

  • Thank you SO much for having S, I and D today.  All 3 of them had a truly lovely day out and said how kind and what a good teacher you were.  They each showed me their sketch books and it was so nice to see how proud they were of their drawings”
  • “T had a great time today.  She loves art – I have not seen her spring out of bed as quickly any of the mornings this holiday as she did today!  Please do continue to guide and encourage her art work”
  • “Thanks for giving Z such a nice outing experience, she showed us her sketchbook and .. explained each picture to us.  She really enjoyed it!” 
  • “.. A had a lovely time .. her painting is gorgeous.” 

Outing to National Gallery

Outing to National Gallery – Mythology in Art!  We learned about a number of Old Master paintings which contain mythological stories – why the artist was great and the story of the painting, which we then drew


We learned about Claude Monet and the new art movement that he created, the first movement of  Modern Art.  We learned how to paint like an Impressionist and produced an artwork in Impressionist style


Paul Cezanne: the Father of Modern Art

We learned about the life and art of post Impressionist artist Paul Cezanne, revered by Picasso as the father of Modern Art and created an artwork in his style


See the major exhibition of Cezanne’s work opening in the Autumn at The National Portrait Gallery – link here

Horses in Art!

Horses in Art!  We explored all things equine in art – from George Stubbs (1724-1806) to present day

Chinese Art!

Willow Pattern is the blue and white porcelain which was imported into England from China in the 1800’s.  We learned about the components of Chinese art and the Willow Pattern legend and painted our own based upon these ideas

Japanese Art!

Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) was a huge influence on Western European art and is famous for his beautifully executed and serene series of Mount Fuji.  We learned about his fascinating life and art – visit the “Hokusai – Beyond the Great Wave” exhibition at the British Museum over the summer holidays – link here


Observational Drawing and Painting

The children mastered a range of technical skills in observational drawing and painting – how to really draw what is in front of you and capture it in watercolour.


Mixed Media Vikings

We learned some amazing watercolour techniques and, using line drawing, created a Viking ship.


Graffiti Art!

We learned about the history of graffiti art from ancient times to today and created our own work.

The Return of Harry Potter!

Return of Harry Potter to KidsArt!  to tie in with the 20th anniversary exhibition at The British Library this Autumn – Harry Potter  – A History of Magic

Dogs in Art!

Dogs have featured in art from Roman mosaics to Pop Art, from Picasso to Hockney.

We looked at the history of dogs in art and created our own dog artwork

Andy Warhol Neon Tigers!

We learned about the Pop Art movement which began in Britain in the 1950’s as a reaction to the austerity of the war years, looked at Warhol’s work, and created funky tigers with neon paints.

Henri Matisse: Giant of 20th Century Art

Henri Matisse, great rival and friend of Picasso, continued to produce wonderful art right up to his death. We learned about his life and art and created an artwork inspired by him.


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