May Half-Term 2020 – Travel in Time!

—  Monday, 25 May – Friday, 29 May  —

“Travel in Time with KidsArt! – from Ancient Civilisations to Futurism”


Monday, 25 May Session 1 Contemporary Japanese Art!  

Inspired by traditional Japanese art, manga and sci-fi, Takashi Murakami (b 1962) is one of Japan’s most famous contemporary artist, known for “blurring the line” between fine art and street art

Tuesday, 26 May Session 2 Futurism!

Futurism was a 20th century art movement that loved speed, technology, youth and modern cities

Wednesday, 27 May Session 3 Marc Chagall!  

One of the best known 20th century artists, famous for his striking colours and whimsical dream-like paintings, capturing his deep love for his boyhood village and family traditions 

Thursday, 28 May Session 4 Renaissance Art – Wrap-around Snakes!

The Renaissance (or rebirth) of the 15th century shook the world with its innovations in art, architecture, science and almost every field of human learning 


Friday, 29 May Session 5 Ancient Greek Art!   

Ancient Greek and mythology art influenced and inspired Western art and literature for thousands of years

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Age:  4 – 12  Cost:  £25 per screen (fine for siblings to share)  Time:  10.00 am – 12.00 noon  

Art materials:  not included but available from KidsArt!  Store 

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