Autumn Half-Term (Oct/Nov) 2018

Wednesday, 17th October:  Graffiti Art!  Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960 – 1988) rocketed to fame in the 1980s as a cultural phenomenon unlike anything the art world had ever seen. We will look at Basquiat’s graffiti-style art inspired by medical text books such as Gray’s Anatomy, and create our own. Thursday, 18th October:  Halloween 1 at KidsArt!  Come […]

Summer Camp 2018 – August: final 2 weeks!

Edward Bawden at Dulwich – review here Thursday 16th August:  Matisse meets Cezanne!  Henri Matisse and Paul Cezanne were instrumental in shaping Modern Art, Cezanne with his love of shapes, light and shadow, and Matisse his passion for colour and pattern. Friday 17th August:  David Hockney is the greatest British artist working today  – create […]

Summer Holidays 2018 – July and August

Monday 23rd July (whole day):  Outing to National Gallery – Mythology in Art!   We will take sketchbooks, art materials and picnics and learn about mythological paintings and the stories behind them Tuesday 24th July (morning):  Working with clay, we will learn about Pablo Picasso, greatest artist of the 20th century and the different art styles […]

May Half Term Programme 2018 – 3 morning and 1 afternoon session (each session can be booked individually)

Tuesday 29th May (morning):  van Gogh with clay! – Learn about the art and life of Vincent van Gogh and create an artwork from clay in his style – Van Gogh was one of the greatest artists of the 19th century, tragically misunderstood and neglected in his time, he created some of the most iconic […]

Easter 2018 Programme: 5 morning sessions only (each session can be booked individually)

Tuesday 3rd April: – Picasso with clay – Pablo Picasso was one of the greatest 20th century artists and perhaps one of the greatest artists of all time – to tie in with the new blockbuster Picasso exhibition at Tate Modern here Wednesday 4th April : Bayeux Tapestry inspired art!  The Battle of Hastings 1066 was a […]

February Half-Term Programme 2018

Monday 12th February :  Modigliani with Clay – Modigliani (1884 – 1920) painter and sculptor, best known for his portraits of women with elongated faces and figures.  We will use clay to create a sculpture in his style.  Timed to coincide with the major exhibition at Tate Modern, click Modigliani! Tuesday 13th February :  Modigliani with Clay – Modigliani (1884 – […]

Christmas Art Camps 2017 – Highlights!

We created Tudor style portraits of Henry VIII and his daughter Elizabeth I, taking ideas from Court painter, Hans Holbein der Jüngere (1497 – 1543) Their portraits are in the National Portrait Gallery link here!          Pop Art landscapes with perspective and neon, inspired by American artist and graphic designer, Peter Max.  Pictured his poster“Outside Lands”,  2013 […]

Christmas Holiday Programme 2017!

“The Sun”, 1909 – Edvard Munch Wednesday 20th December: – Tudor Kings and Queens! Tudor monarchs Henry VIII and his daughter Elizabeth I with their glittering courts, colourful lives and statesmanship drove through changes that took England to powerful statehood.  We will create Tudor style portraits, taking ideas from Court painter Hans Holbein Their portraits are […]

October Half Term 2017 Programme – Highlights!

Georgia O’Keeffe was one of America’s foremost painters. We learned about her life and art and painted our own autumn scene with blended colours                       We observed animal features and created an artwork based around them         Spanish born Salvador Dali was a leading light of the Surrealist movement – […]

October Half Term Programme 2017

Monday 23rd October (morning):  We will learn about the art of Georgia O’Keeffe, one of America’s foremost painters, and paint our own autumn scene with blended colours. Tuesday 24th October (morning):  Observational drawing in the Animal World!  We will finely observe animal features and create an artwork based around them Tuesday 24th October (afternoon):  Spanish born […]