Welcome to KidsArt!

Who we are & what we do

KidsArt!  teaches children art and art appreciation, publishes reviews and news of current and future London art exhibitions and runs the KidsArt!  Store for gifts and art supplies.

All classes are held in the KidsArt!  Studio, north London. Children are taught how to paint, draw, print, work with clay, sculpt, collage, use soft and oil pastels, and other core techniques, whilst at the same time learning about famous artists and their styles – each project is inspired by an artist or art movement.


We cover a huge time range including prehistoric art through early civilisations, Medieval and Renaissance art, Islamic art, Mannerism, Baroque and Romanticism, pre-Raphaelites, Neo-classicism, Realism, the birth of Modern art, Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, Cubism, Futurism, Abstract art, Surrealism, Expressionism, Pop art, contemporary art movements, sculpture through the ages, and art from non-Western European traditions – including American, Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Aboriginal artists. Where appropriate sessions reference current London exhibitions.

Artists studied include all the Great Masters and many others:


KidsArt!’s core aim is to teach children to become accomplished and proficient artists who take pride in their artwork, and to nurture and encourage an informed love of art. Children are given the self-confidence and technical skills to produce their own original art work inspired by a good background understanding of art movements over the centuries.

We provide a fun, stimulating and engaging experience and, over the programme courses, children will build up an impressive portfolio of their own work. Artwork is sent home as it is completed, accompanied by an illustrated factsheet which records what the children have learned about the artist and the art techniques employed.

The children are provided with good quality sketchbooks for use in class to record techniques learnt and for sketching on gallery visits.

KidsArt! encourages parents to visit galleries with their children. We provide free reviews of current art exhibitions aimed specifically at adults visiting with children, to help parents demystify, explain and enjoy the art works with their kids.