What is a diptych?

A painting, usually on hinged panels, often used as an alter piece, invariably small in size and portable. Here’s a brilliant example: The Wilton Diptych (c. 1395–1399) depicting King Richard II being presented to the Virgin Mary and Christ by John the Baptist and two English kings (Edward the Confessor and Edmund the Martyr).  Painted […]

The world’s most expensive painting sold in a private art sale is …

Paul Gauguin’s Nafea Faa Ipoipo? (When Will You Marry?), 1892 (detail) … sold in February 2015 for: — ◊ — £210.4 m ($300 m)   — ◊ —

How many “Sunflower” paintings did van Gogh paint?

11   4 of cut sunflowers (the ‘Paris sunflowers‘): August – September 1887 — ♦ — 7 of vase with sunflowers (the ‘Arles sunflowers‘): August 1888 and January 1889 —

What is “Cubism”?

Cubism is an art movement which began in Paris around 1907 and became hugely influential in the period to the start of the first world war (1914) and thereafter. It broke away from centuries of traditional painting by rejecting a single viewpoint and showing people and objects in multi-dimensions.  Cubist artists fractured their subjects into geometric forms […]