Studio and On-Line programmes: booking terms

KidsArt! Studios:  These booking terms, as up-dated from time to time, apply to booking term-time classes and holiday programmes at each of our Studios and to our on-line programmes where applicable.

Bookings:  Bookings subject to availability – if a booking is made for a class which is full we will made immediate refund in full unless you would like to book an alternative class.   Please note all bookings (including for private lessons) should be made through KidsArt!; private bookings of KidsArt! tutors are not permitted.

Studio CV-19 measures:   Please do not send your child if any symptoms of ill health or in quarantine.  Parents should drop their children in front of the venue or, in the case of the Finchley studio, at the garden side gate, and will not be admitted into the studios.  (Note: toilet and hand washing facilities for enrolled children only.) 

KidsArt! On-Line:  Our on-line programmes provide a virtual in-studio experience.  We use Zoom conference and provide ID and password access to enrolled parents before each class, with children and their artwork visible to all participants.  Classes are designed to be interactive and, for this to work properly, parents should supervise younger children during the class.  Availability subject to platform functionality.  Price per screen for siblings only.

What’s included:  For Studio classes and programmes, tuition and materials (but no snacks).  For our on-line term-time classes we will provide a KidsArt! art pack for each child enrolled for the whole term for collection by parents by appointment from our Finchley Studio.  Other materials available for purchase from the KidsArt! Store.  Where your child is to attend a full day holiday programme, please provide a packed lunch, but no nuts please. 

Fees:  Term-time classes payable termly in advance (trial lessons for one-off payment of £15.00 available on request). Holiday programmes as shown on holiday calendar: payable on booking on a ‘first come, first paid’ basis. We do not offer a reservation system.  Payment by bank transfer, cheque or PayPal voucher at the KidsArt! Store.

Child care vouchers:  Unfortunately we cannot accept vouchers.

Consent:  Booking implies consent to use of your child’s photo and art works on the KidsArt! website and Facebook pages and to record classes in which your child is participating for teacher training purposes unless (in the case of your child’s photo) you stipulate otherwise when booking. 

Cancellation policy:  Fees due once booking confirmed and, once booked, we do not refund fees. However, if you wish to withdraw your child from a holiday programme or class once booked, you are free to send another suitably aged child not already booked in your child’s place – just tell us first.  Occasionally, we may be forced to cancel a class for reasons beyond our control (eg illness, studio inaccessibility, travel disruption, adverse weather, unviable bookings nos., etc.).  We will try to make alternative arrangements, including an on-line class or, if space permits, a “make up” class within the same term or holiday programmes – but this may be on a different day and at a different Studio.  For private lessons, CV-19 cancellation and adverse weather cancellation for Finchley outdoor studio, see below.

Missed term time classes:  We do not refund fees but will try (but no guarantees – subject to availability and your flexibility) to offer you a “make up” class to make up the missed class within the same term provided you have given prior notice of non-attendance – it may be on a different day and at a different Studio.

Private lessons:  Please note all private lessons must be booked via KidsArt! and tutors are not permitted to arrange private lessons whether for you own children or those you introduce without referring to KidsArt!  If bookings made via KidsArt! are cancelled more than 24hrs before the booked time and no fixed costs (e.g. studio hire; tutors fees) are incurred, we will offer a full credit note redeemable against lessons fees / art materials for a period of up to 12 months; in all other circumstances lessons booked should be paid in full if cancelled by you. Aprons are not provided as standard, but we can quote for aprons if you wish.  If the private lesson is in your home KidsArt! will not be responsible or accountable for damage to soft furnishings, wall paper, tables, chairs, floors or other surfaces etc. caused by paints or other art materials which we use.

CV-19 cancellation:  If, because of govt. guidelines or for other Covid-related reasons we suspend face-to-face term time classes after the start of term or a pre-booked holiday programme, we will move to on-line classes instead, at same or similar times.  Please note, if this requires us to suspend:

— a term class, no refund will be due 

— a holiday programme, we will provide a voucher of £10 per child for use against any other session in that holiday programme 

(Note: in each case sibling discount for shared screen will not be offered.)

Adverse weather (outdoor garden studio):  If the weather is adverse (eg. strong wind, rain or cold), we may not be able to proceed with a Finchley Outdoor Garden Studio programme or we may need to curtail the session whilst it’s on-going.  If a session is curtailed in advance we will relocate to the indoor studio at Finchley if permissible in light of then current CV-19 measures, or if not permissible we will move the session on-line instead, at same or similar times. If the session is moved on-line we will provide a voucher of £10 per child for use against any other session in that holiday programme (sibling discount for shared screen will not be offered).  If a session is cancelled or curtailed and we do not relocate to the indoor studio at Finchley or move to on-line classes instead, we will let you know as soon as possible and if cancelled / curtailed  within the first hour of the session, we will provide a full credit for a future booking.  If we need to curtail a session after the first hour we would not unfortunately be able to provide a credit or refund. 

Allergies, medical conditions, etc:  Please inform us if your child suffers from any allergies or medical conditions of which we should be aware.

Artwork, personal possessions, etc:  You and your children should please take responsibility for taking home their artwork in good condition and all personal possessions (hats, coats, scarfs, shoes, etc.). Where works are left with us for drying/varnishing any uncollected works will be disposed of 3 months after we have notified you that they are ready for collection.  Work uncollected after a child leaves KidsArt will be stored and available for collection for 3 months after the child has left and then disposed of.  We cannot take responsibility for personal possessions left behind after sessions but will do our best to ensure that they are kept safely for collection within reasonable time; if not collected after 2 weeks they will be donated to charity 

Dress code:  Messy!  Kids, especially the younger ones, can brush up against paint, clay, etc. (we don’t provide protective aprons).

Tutors:  KidsArt! trained, vetted, experienced and approved. Occasionally we may need to change tutor allocations on the day.  Note: tutors are not permitted to arrange private lessons without booking via KidsArt! (as above).

Parking:  When dropping and collecting your child from our Studios please do not block neighbours’ drives at any time, even briefly – we have received a few and fierce complaints!

Safeguarding Policy:  Our current policy can be accessed here.


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