Modigliani – A Major Retrospective at Tate Modern: 23 November 2017 – 2 April 2018

Amadeo Modigliani Nude, 1917 Private Collection (detail)

Amedeo Clemente Modigliani 1884 – 1920 moved from Italy to Paris at the age of 22 where he lived until his death from tuberculosis at the age of 35.  Best known and admired – posthumously – for his portraits and female full figure nudes, this huge Exhibition brings together over 100 of his later paintings and sculptures with portraits of friends, lovers and supporters, including Modigliani’s dealer and friend, Léopold Zborowski.

The several dozen nudes Modigliani painted between 1916 and 1919 constitute many of his best-known works, seven of which featured in Modigliani’s only solo exhibition during his life – his disastrous Paris show of 1917 which opened to public outcry and was closed temporarily by the police on its opening day for obscenity.  The Tate has, brilliantly, brought together 12 of the nudes – a highlight of the Exhibition and the largest group ever reunited in the UK.

No exhibition of Modigliani is complete without including portraits of his partner, Jeanne Hébuterne (pictured), herself an artist who committed suicide aged 21, heavily pregnant, just days after Modigliani’s death, leaving orphaned their two year old daughter.

The Exhibition also features a virtual tour of Modigliani’s final studio (The Ochre Atelier) with tickets issued every half hour on a first come, first served basis.

Further details of the Exhibition here!

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