Studio Leader/Assistant – Your contract


Studio:  KidsArt! Studio in Finchley N12 or as otherwise agreed on appointment. 

Fees:  Separate rates for term time classes and holiday programmes, each as from time to time agreed on appointment.

Hours:  As agreed on appointment and to include sufficient time for set up and clearing.  Please allow sufficient travelling time to ensure prompt arrival.

Injury / illness:  Please do let us know if you cannot attend any class so we can either arrange a substitute or, worst-case, cancel.

Duties:  Set up classroom and clear after lesson (including washing palettes, jars and brushes and cleaning table and hoovering).  Deliver lesson as planned.  Ensure health and safety of the children attending.  Safe keeping of KidsArt! materials and children’s art works and personal possessions.  Conduct yourself professionally at all times when dealing with children and adults.  Report on attendance, any direct payments, fresh enquiries, etc.

Employment and tax status:  You are not a KidsArt! employee.  You are therefore responsible for any personal tax and national insurance payable.

KidsArt! Property:  At all times act to promote the interests of KidsArt! and respect its brand and proprietary trademarks, class programmes, art-works, know-how, web content, copyright materials and other intellectual property (together, ‘KidsArt! Property’).  No unauthorised use of any KidsArt! Property.  Keep personal data confidential. Any images of children and  / or their artwork taken on your personal devices should be taken only for sending back to KidsArt! and deleted immediately thereafter

Private tuition, etc.:  Occasionally, you may be asked if you can provide private tuition, run private parties, etc. for KidsArt! enrolled students or students that KidsArt teaches privately. Please refer all such opportunities first to KidsArt! for consent and booking (if you accept without consent you agree to account to KidsArt! for all monies received).

Termination:  Termination by notice for any reason on reasonable notice at the end of any term / holiday programme or by KidsArt! at any time during the term / holiday programme, if reasonable cause.


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