Summer 2020 programme: On-Line and Garden Studio!

Week 1 On-Line! Finchley Garden Studio! Monday, 27 July Japanese Art – interwoven with legend and nature Japanese Art * — available morning or afternoon — Tuesday, 28 July Roy Lichtenstein style Pop Art Roy Lichtenstein style Pop Art * – a leading Pop Artist who created a whole new way of painting! — available morning or afternoon — Wednesday, 29 July […]

May Half-Term 2020 – Travel in Time!

—  Monday, 25 May – Friday, 29 May  — “Travel in Time with KidsArt! – from Ancient Civilisations to Futurism”   Monday, 25 May – Session 1 Contemporary Japanese Art!   Inspired by traditional Japanese art, manga and sci-fi, Takashi Murakami (b 1962) is one of Japan’s most famous contemporary artist, known for “blurring the line” […]

Easter 2020!

Easter Holiday On-Line Programme – Travel the World for Easter! Monday, 6 April – Friday, 17 April Sessions 10.00 am to 12 noon, bookable individually or as a series   —  Week 1  — Monday, 6 April – Session 1 David Hockney!   Foremost living British artist today – to tie in with the exhibition drawing from life  due to […]

Finchley – Easter 2020 – Suspended!

  Monday, 6th April:  Most famous British artist today – to tie in with the National Portrait Gallery exhibition drawing from life Tuesday, 7th April:  Iconic Yayoi Kuzama returns to the UK this summer with her spell-binding “Infinity Mirror Rooms” at Tate Modern – Kuzama is one of the most famous contemporary Japanese artists today […]

Finchley studio – February half-term!

  Monday, 17th February:  How to draw a Polar Bear, and exciting techniques with paint! How much do you know about these beautiful endangered animals? Tuesday, 18th February:  Pop Art sprang up in the 1950s, a reaction to 2nd World War austerity – an art movement dedicated to bright colours and fun – to tie […]

Finchley Studio – Christmas 2019 holiday programme!

Wednesday, 18th December:  Warhol created a series showing endangered animals in his zany pop art style.  To tie in with the major Warhol exhibition at the Tate this Spring – click here! Thursday, 19th December:  Learn how to use line, shadow and light to create 3-dimensionality and create a snowman at night!  Monday, 23rd December:  How […]

Finchley Studio – October 2019 Half-Term!

  Monday, 21st October:  Chinese Art! Ancient China produced some of the world’s most beautiful and influential  art – come and learn more about this ancient style. Tuesday, 22nd October: Henri Matisse, giant of 20th Century art – learn about his many styles and identities! Wednesday, 23rd October:  Fireworks are used worldwide for cultural, religious and […]

Finchley Studio – Summer 2019 Programme !

Monday, 22 July:   Leonardo da Vinci invented the first Robot!  How to draw a Robot, value and tone in art, colour-mixing – paint a fab Robot and learn about art history’s greatest inventor!  Links with The Royal Collection Trust’s landmark exhibition Leonardo Da Vinci “A Life in Drawing” – link here Tuesday, 23 July:  Pop Art […]

Finchley Studio – May 2019 Half-Term Programme!

Tuesday, 28th May:  Harry Potter dragons.  “So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their endings.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit or There and Back Again   Wednesday, 29th May:  Graffiti art – come and learn to paint like a street artist!  Thursday, 30th May:  Japanese art!  Japanese art has inspired some of the greatest artists of Western Europe from […]

Easter 2019 – Finchley Studio Holiday Programme

Monday, 8th April:  Vincent van Gogh with clay, to tie in with the major van Gogh exhibition at Tate Britain – further details here!   Tuesday, 9th April:  Edvard Munch’s The Scream, to link with the exhibition at the British Museum ‘love and angst’!  Wednesday, 10th April:  Pirate art!  Catch “A Pirate’s Life for Me” at the […]